Norman Finkelstein

BBC’s Hardtalk Features Norman Finkelstein, Smears Israel

BBC's shoddy, prejudicial treatment of Israel and Jewish issues continued in a May 8 Hardtalk segment with Sarah Montague that featured anti-Jewish, Israel-basher Norman Finkelstein as commentator on American Jewish attitudes towards Israel.

Extremists Seek to Delegitimize Israel During “Apartheid Week”

The week of March 1 is the week for indoctrinating students to hate Israel. The country's most virulent adversaries will concentrate their attention on campuses in North America and beyond, spreading falsehoods and encouraging boycott of the Jewish state, or even its destruction.

Norman Finkelstein, Benny Morris and Peace not Apartheid

Norman Finkelstein cites Israeli historian Benny Morris as an example of someone who agrees with Jimmy Carter's apartheid analogy. Morris makes clear that this is not true, describing Finkelstein as "a notorious distorter of facts."

Norman Finkelstein’s Fraudulent Scholarship

Campus anti-Israel activists copy many of their arguments from Norman Finkelstein, a DePaul University political science professor who never forgets to mention that his parents were Holocaust survivors. Despite his trappings of scholarshop, Finkelstein's work has been marred by grave factual inaccuracies, omissions, and extreme bias.