Akiva Eldar

Minority Report: Akiva Eldar Responds

Akiva Eldar responds to the Presspectiva/CAMERA exposé concerning his false report that the Israeli government has acknowledged that Jews are the minority between the river and the sea. He partially acknowledges the falsehood, and also introduces a new distorted figure.

With Akiva Eldar, the Facts Are a Minority

Ha'aretz's Akiva Eldar falsely attributes an unsubstantiated, erroneous figure to the Israeli Ministry of Finance in his bogus report that the Israeli government has acknowledged that Jews are a minority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

Akiva Eldar, Who Is Lying?

Ha'aretz journalist Akiva Eldar uses falsehoods and deceptions, distorting both Israeli and Palestinian negotiating positions, to accuse Prime Minister Netanyahu of lying in his speech before the United Nations.

Ha’aretz Gets Little Right on ‘Little Kotel’

Ha'aretz's leading headline in the weekend paper claims that the "Little Kotel" is opened to Jewish prayer, "upsetting status quo." In actuality, the site has always been used for Jewish prayer. The only change involved the removal of scaffolding which impeded access for Arab residents.

New Year, New Precedent: Ha’aretz Corrects

CAMERA's Israeli staff prompts an unprecedent correction today at Ha'aretz. Akiva Eldar corrects his false claim that a Hebrew University poll found that 21 percent of settlers endorse the "use of arms" to resist settlement evacuations.

Akiva Eldar Clueless in Jerusalem

Ha'aretz veteran writer Akiva Eldar is befuddled on Jerusalem, falsely claiming that West Bank Muslims and Christians cannot visit the holy sites and that only east Jerusalem women and children may enter the Temple Mount.

Ha’aretz’s Eldar Wrong on Gaza Hothouses

In the lead paragraph of his article yesterday entitled "Report says Katif's greenhouses broke," Ha'aretz's Akiva Eldar erroneously writes that the Gush Katif hothouses were "purchased by the Palestinian Economic Development (PED) Company." As was widely reported last August, the Gush Katif hothouses were purchased by American Jewish donors organized by James Wolfensohn, and were transferred to the control of the newly established PED.

UPDATED: AP Corrects: Blair Didn’t Link Israel, Bombings

In the aftermath of the London terror attacks, the media's scapegoat-Israel tendency has again reared its head. The Associated Press issued multiple stories reporting that British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave an interview on BBC Radio yesterday in which he linked the attacks against his country to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In fact, Blair never mentioned Israel or the Palestinians.