Ari Shavit

The Triumph of Marketing and the Tragedy of Inaccuracy

A round-up of critiques of Ari Shavit's “My Promised Land.” As Shavit continues to promote the book, one reviewer says it “is plainly wrong on the facts and relies on a false historical interpretation to enforce its moral logic.”

Washington Post Gives Ari Shavit Undeserved ‘Two-fer’

What did Washington Post columnists Sally Quinn and Richard Cohen have in common early in December? Lack of journalistic skepticism in helping Ari Shavit promote his new book that recycles false Israeli 'massacre' allegations and charges of 'nakba' dispossession. 

CAMERA Op-Ed: Thomas Friedman and the “Israel Lobby”

In the latest of his self-referential columns, Thomas Friedman once again invokes the ugly, anti-Semitic specter of a nefarious “Israeli lobby” that uses Jewish money and votes to corrupt American lawmakers in order to mold U.S. policy to Israel’s benefit and American harm.

Ari Shavit’s Lydda Massacre

New Yorker Ari Shavit's Lydda, 1948 is yet another dreary effort at putting Israel under the microscope, at indicting the Jews and Zionists for their many sins, whether real or, as in this New Yorker article, imagined.