Diaa Hadid

New York Times, Palestinian Assailants and Suspect Journalism

Most Palestinians killed in recent months wounded or killed others, or died trying to do so. So why does The New York Times ignore the successful assailants, and characterize the majority of fatalities as having "attempted" attacks or as being "suspected" of trying?

Diaa Hadid Pokes a “Hornet’s Nest”

Diaa HadidWe recently criticized a New York Times article by Diaa Hadid about evictions in Jerualem.We now have the details on the other two evictions Hadid focused on, which she alleged were based on "arcane violations" of lease agreements. Is non-payment of rent now "arcane?"

Diaa Hadid, Recycling Old Stories about the Old City

Diaa HadidDiaa Hadid, hired a year ago by the New York Times to improve coverage of Palestinian affairs, instead seems to view her job as escalating the Times' traditionally hostile and inaccurate coverage of Israel. The latest example is her largely fictional story on evictions in Jerusalem.

Diaa Hadid, NY Times Respond to CAMERA, and CAMERA Responds Right Back

New York TimesNew York Times reporter Diaa Hadid responded to CAMERA's criticism of her Haifa report, admitting that it was incorrect to write that Israel was created by the 1948 war, but rejecting our assertion that the liberal Arab culture she describes in Haifa could happen only in Israel. Hadid claims there's something similar in Beirut, but we prove there isn't. 

Haifa, History and the New York Times

The New York TimesThe New York Times seems to be allergic to the facts of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as if reporting the truth and actually reflecting reality will cause a life-threatening medical crisis. The latest example is Diaa Hadid's In Israeli City of Haifa, a Liberal Arab Culture Blossoms.

Diaa Hadid, Former NGO Worker, Keeps Up Advocacy Work at New York Times

The New York Times' Diaa Hadid is at it again — promoting a Palestinian narrative where the Temple Mount has religious significance only to Muslims, where Palestinian terrorism is understated and Israeli actions blamed for the turmoil in the region. Updated with information about CAMERA success.