Ibrahim Barzak

CAMERA Prompts AP Correction on Construction Materials for Gaza

CAMERA elicits a commendable AP clarification regarding an article which falsely stated that Israel for years banned construction materials from entering Gaza. The ban applied only to the private sector. The U.N. cites 41,041 truckloads since June 2010.

Hamas Manufacture a “Crisis,” But Media Blame Israel

While some media reports now include statements from Israeli officials maintaining that Hamas manufactured the disputed crisis and accusing the terrorist group of responsibility for hardships, almost all ignore similar statements from Arabs.

AP Blackout on the Facts

Palestinian statements about Gaza power shortages resulting from Israeli fuel cuts had an electric effect at the Associated Press. But an Israeli decision days later to restore fuel supplies to their earlier levels was met by a news blackout.

AP Revises Misleading Passage

CAMERA staff prompted the revision of an Associated Press news story mentioning the death of a Hamas member. The story initially relayed the Palestinian account of the death as fact. The updated version shows that the circumstances surrounding the death are disputed.

AP’s Barzak Does Damage Control for Arafat

The Associated Press (AP) calls itself "the largest and oldest news organization in the world," whose self-declared mission is "to be the essential global news network, providing distinctive news services of the highest quality, reliability and objectivity..." Why then does it allow its reporters to interpret the news according to their own agenda instead of reporting the straight facts?

Bloopers, Bias and Terrorist Cross-Fire at AP

The Associated Press (AP) has adopted highly inaccurate language to refer to Palestinian terror groups and the acts they perpetrate. It has also misled readers through simple factual error. In general, AP reporting relies heavily on Palestinian sources, gives priority to Palestinian views and even omits Israeli perspectives.