Jackson Diehl

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Washington Post’s Appalling Editorial

In a recent editorial, the Washington Post's deputy opinion editor, Jackson Diehl, uses unhinged language and compares Israel's democratic leader to Vladimir Putin. Diehl proceeds to omit crucial facts about both the so-called Iran Deal, as well as IRGC operative Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

CAMERA Op-Ed: Stop Whitewashing Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitism

With growing frequency, The Washington Post has published op-eds that effectively whitewash or obfuscate on antisemitism when it emanates from the left. The recent controversy over Ilhan Omar’s most recent antisemitic tweet offers several examples.

The Washington Post’s Missing Peace

The Washington Post repeatedly omits Palestinian rejectionism and fails to report on internal Palestinian affairs. Instead, the paper inordinately focuses on Jewish houses in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria).

Bibi “Poisonous” to Washington Post Columnist

Washington Post Deputy Editorial Page Editor Jackson Diehl declares that Binyamin Netanhayu devoted his first term as prime minister to "poisoning" U.S.-Israel relations and "strangling" Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. And if he forms the next government, he'll try to drag America into war with Iran. Faulty analysis leads to misplaced criticism.