James Bennet

      Journalists Fall Prey to Palestinian Booby-Traps

      In the labyrinth of concrete homes and competing claims that mark Israel's operation in Gaza, the Los Angeles Times' Ken Ellingwood loses his way, straying from the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics in reporting a Palestinian claim as fact. He is joined in this by the Guardian's Chris McGreal on NPR.

      UPDATED: New York Times Wrongly Claims No Injuries From Qassam Rockets

      In a report published today ("Israeli Strikes Kill 2 Militants and a Girl"), New York Times correspondent James Bennet mistakenly asserted that no Israelis had been injured in Qassam rocket attacks. Contrary to the Times' claim, a number of Israelis, including infants, have been seriously wounded by Qassam rockets.

      Terry Gross’s “Tit-for-Tat” Interview with James Bennet

      On March 12, 2003, NPR's “Fresh Air” broadcast an interview with host Terry Gross and New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief James Bennet. Among other things, Gross asked Bennet about Israel's anti-terrorist actions in Gaza–but she didn't term them anti-terrorist actions. Instead, she repeatedly referred to “tit-for-tat murders,” drawing a parallel between Hamas's terrorist attacks against Israeli children and the Israeli army's attempts to root out the killers.

      Thumbs Up to James Bennet

      THUMBS UP to James Bennet, Jerusalem bureau chief of the New York Times, for his generally impartial, balanced coverage of the region. For example, in his Nov. 18 article entitled "On Hebron Ambush Site, A New Settlement Rises," Bennet reported on the aftermath of the killing in Hebron of 12 Israelis.