Joel Brinkley

New York Times Reports Palestinian Obligations as Israeli Demands

In his story on upcoming Palestinian elections, "Israel to Disrupt Palestinian Vote if Hamas Runs," (Sept. 17, 2005), reporter Joel Brinkley portrayed as a unilateral Israeli demand what is in fact a Palestinian obligation under the Oslo Accords to bar terror groups from elections. In a further display of bias Brinkley ignored all other Palestinian obligations under the various peace plans as well, but did note an alleged Israeli violation of the Road Map.

The New York Times Sort of Corrects Distorted Rice Interview

In a stunning reversal, with no admission of error, the New York Times has withdrawn its claims that after the Gaza withdrawal the Bush administration will demand further imminent concessions from Israel, and is now reporting the opposite.

David Bar-Illan on Joel Brinkley

The late David Bar-Illan was the writer of the famed "Eye-on-the-Media" column in the Jerusalem Post, where he also served as Executive Editor. Presented here are excerpts from David's columns that examine the work of New York Times reporter Joel Brinkley.