Karin Laub

CAMERA Prompts Improved AP Coverage of Palestinian Destruction of Fuel Line

An Associated Press article yesterday stated that vandals destroyed the fuel terminal at Israel's only cargo crossing into Gaza, initially leaving out that the culprits were Gazans, reportedly acting on Hamas instructions. AP responds positively to CAMERA's request to identify those responsible as Palestinian.

CAMERA Prompts AP Correction on Palestine Terminology

In response to communication from CAMERA, the Associated Press corrects an article which incorrectly referred to Palestine. CAMERA's timely work prevents misinformation from wire agencies appearing in media outlets around the world.

AP Reports Like, Instead of About, Breaking the Silence

It is one thing for a serious news organization to write about a project affiliated with Breaking the Silence. But in its report on author Colm Toibin's Hebron visit, AP adopts the much-criticized NGO's controversial narrative.

When PA Talking Points Become AP Talking Points

The inconsistencies in today's AP piece are all too consistent: Throughout, Israeli concerns are minimized as claims by "hard-liners," while Palestinian concerns are recited in the journalists voice. Facts supporting Israeli concerns are downplayed relative those preferred by Palestinian leaders.

The Associated Press Demonstrates Its Bias Against Israel

An Associated Press analysis piece alleged that Israeli air strikes on homes overwhelmingly victimized civilians. But the study's data sample and methodology were flawed and the authors ignored a study contradicting their allegations.

AP Takes “Hard Line” Against Israeli Negotiating Position

netanyahu abbas handshakeWhy does the Associated Press insist that Israel's call for immediate and unconditional direct negotiations reflects a "hard line," when it was the Palestinian side that consistantly refused to talk until their demands were met? And how did AP describe Israel when it was the side insisting on preconditions?

Bloopers, Bias and Terrorist Cross-Fire at AP

The Associated Press (AP) has adopted highly inaccurate language to refer to Palestinian terror groups and the acts they perpetrate. It has also misled readers through simple factual error. In general, AP reporting relies heavily on Palestinian sources, gives priority to Palestinian views and even omits Israeli perspectives.