Robert Mackey

After Israeli Video Mocks Journalists, Reporters Prove its Premise

Journalists should understand that the production of a satire video by the Israeli government in no way vindicates their own reporting. They shouldn’t insult readers’ intelligence by suggesting otherwise. And they should take a deep breath before reacting, because they might just prove the very point the video tried to make.

NY Times Corrects Misquote by Ali Abunimah, Robert Mackey

The combination of anti-Israel bloggers Robert Mackey and Ali Abunimah had led to a factual error at The New York Times, which, to its credit, the newspaper corrected yesterday. We expect more errors, though, as long as Mackey is free to cover Israel with such transparent hostility.

Robert Mackey Pulls New York Times to Extremes of Bias

Thanks to its partisan journalist Robert Mackey, The New York Times is loaded with the type of extremists who cheer the death of Israelis, rant about the "Zionist butcher regime," and call for Israel to disappear.

Robert Mackey Cherry-Picks James Fallows on Al Dura

Not for the first time, New York Times news blogger Robert Mackey distorted the views of fellow journalists by cherry-picking quotations and presenting them out of context. The latest victim (aside from Israel, of course) is The Atlantic's James Fallows.