Benjamin Netanyahu

The NYT on Israel, Iran: What’s the Deal?

A New York Times editorial falsely claims that Israel has been "inveighing against any deal" with Iran despite the fact that Israeli leaders on numerous occasions have spoken out in favor of a "good deal."

CiF Watch Prompts Correction on Fisk Op-Ed

CiF Watch, a CAMERA affiliate, has prompted a correction on an Independent Op-Ed by Robert Fisk in which he had falsely claimed that Benjamin Netanyahu called Hassan Rouhani an "anti-Semite."

New York Times Indicts Israeli Leader For Speech Exposing Iran

-That the New York Times views Israel through a jaundiced eye is not news to those who read the newspaper's editorial page. But how does this perspective color news coverage? The newspaper's recent editorial and news article about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's Oct. 1 address to the United Nations General Assembly provide a case study.

BBC Clarifies: Netanyahu Has Called Abbas Peace Partner

After CAMERA and its affiliate BBC Watch highlighted a falsehood in Lyse Doucet's interview of Shimon Peres, and after a reader filed a complaint with the BBC, the broadcaster appended a correction to their Web site.

CAMERA Prompts ABC Correction on Gaza Settlements

Following communication from CAMERA, ABC News corrected an online column which had wrongly stated Gaza settlements were causing friction between Obama and Netanyahu. Israel completely dismantled Gaza settlements years before Obama took office.