Benjamin Netanyahu

CAMERA Prompts ABC Correction on Gaza Settlements

Following communication from CAMERA, ABC News corrected an online column which had wrongly stated Gaza settlements were causing friction between Obama and Netanyahu. Israel completely dismantled Gaza settlements years before Obama took office.

Israeli and Palestinian Statements about the “Damn Table”

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made headlines this week when he called on Israel to "just get to the damn [negotiating] table." The statement is peculiar, since Israel has pleaded with the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table while Palestinian leaders insist they won't do so unless Israel first satisfies their preconditions.

Akiva Eldar, Who Is Lying?

Ha'aretz journalist Akiva Eldar uses falsehoods and deceptions, distorting both Israeli and Palestinian negotiating positions, to accuse Prime Minister Netanyahu of lying in his speech before the United Nations.

Bibi “Poisonous” to Washington Post Columnist

Washington Post Deputy Editorial Page Editor Jackson Diehl declares that Binyamin Netanhayu devoted his first term as prime minister to "poisoning" U.S.-Israel relations and "strangling" Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. And if he forms the next government, he'll try to drag America into war with Iran. Faulty analysis leads to misplaced criticism.