Benjamin Netanyahu

Bibi, the Mufti, and the Media

Grand MuftiPrime Minister Netanyahu is being criticized for saying in a speech that the first Palestinian leader, Haj Amin el-Husseini, known as the Grand Mufti, had given Hitler the idea of exterminating the Jews. But the criticism can't erase the facts: the Mufti was a Nazi war criminal who got away with mass murder.

Netanyahu on the Iran Deal: NY Times Vs. NY Times

An assertion in a New York Times editorial yesterday that Benjamin Netanyahu "opposed negotiations with Iran from the outset" is belied by a series of news stories appearing over 20 months in The Times.

What The NY Times, Telegraph Missed on Netanyahu Government Guidelines

The New York Times and The Telegraph point to Netanyahu's new government guidelines which don't mention a Palestinian state as evidence of his intransigence. But for decades, successive governments, including those who negotiated, didn't mention a Palestinian state in their guidelines.