Edward Said

Ha’aretz, the Lie of the Land

In a familiar syndrome, many otherwise impartial American journalists, newly posted in Israel, slip quickly in their reporting into unmistakably hostile views of the country. Why?

NPR’s Second Intifada

In the final segment of its seven part series on Middle East history, National Public Radio covered the so-called second Palestinian Intifada. As in the previous segments, NPR once again offered up a highly skewed lineup of experts, with critics of Israel heavily represented and pro-Israel voices virtually absent.

Thumbs Up to Daniel Johnson

THUMBS UP to Daniel Johnson for an incisive Daily Telegraph column (August 21, 1999) about revelations in Commentary magazine that Edward Said, famed Columbia University professor and alleged Palestinian refugee, had largely fabricated his accounts of a childhood spent in Jerusalem.

Edward Said’s Documented Deceptions

New York's WNET aired a severely biased documentary on alleging that Israel expelled Palestinians from their homes in 1948, and continues to steal Palestinian land and oppress Israeli Arabs.