Jimmy Carter

Carter, Goldstone and Gaza

In an Op-Ed in the International Herald Tribune, Jimmy Carter enthusiastically endorses Goldstone's Report, grossly inflating the extent of destruction and the number of displaced Gazans, among other errors which require correction.

CAMERA Researcher on the Steel on Steel Radio Program

CAMERA's Christian Research Analyst Dexter Van Zile was interviewed on Steel on Steel radio program, hosted by John Loeffler (left), about former President Jimmy Carter's new book We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan That Will Work.

Jimmy Carter’s Second Draft

Jimmy Carter noticeably toned down his rhetoric in his most recent book; but the text – an obvious attempt to sanitize Hamas’ hostility and violence – is still filled with errors of fact and marred by egregious omissions.

A Comfortable Platform for Carter

Carter continues to plug his new book, venturing outside the mainstream media with outlets like Comedy Central's "Daily Show" and Al Jazeera English. His falsehoods fit nicely with Jon Stewart's satirical boast of "zero credibility."

Jimmy Carter (Still) Shills for Hamas

Former President Jimmy Carter established himself as the preeminent spokesperson for Hamas in the U.S. during his recent appearence on Charlie Rose.

King Gives Carter a Pass (Mostly)

The limitations of Larry King’s non-confrontational interview style became obvious during former President Jimmy Carter’s appearance on “Larry King Live.”

New Book, New Falsehoods

With the release of his new book, Jimmy Carter hits the television studios again, introducing new falsehoods about Israel and Hamas.

Carter Shills for Hamas

Jimmy of ArabiaJimmy Carter, the David Irving of Middle East revisionism, proffers Hamas talking points and his own unique rants in yet another Washington Post Op-Ed. It seems that for Post editors Carter never needs to check his facts or logic.

PRI Uses Tax Dollars to Promote Anti-Israel Book List

Undeterred by a federal statute calling for "objectivity and balance," Public Radio International encourages its listeners to turn to partisan resources — including Jimmy Carter's error-filled, anti-Israel polemic — for information about the Arab-Israeli conflict.