AP Corrects ‘Palestine’ Terminology

In response to communication from CAMERA’s Israel office, the Associated Press Thursday corrected an article which incorrectly referred to Palestine. The Jan. 10 article (“Muslim group sues to block ‘No Boycott of Israel’ measure“) had stated:

The groups’s suit claims the order has an unconstitutional chilling effect on First Amendment-protected political advocacy supporting Palestine.

CAMERA noted that the reference to the West Bank or to Palestinian-controlled territories as “Palestine” is not consistent with AP usage, and is misleading. The AP commendably updated the article, and replaced the reference to Palestine with the word Palestinians.

CAMERA’s timely action vis-à-vis Thursday’s AP article underscores the value of the organization’s work monitoring and responding to wire stories in the same news cycle as they appear. With this preemptive work CAMERA helps prevent misinformation from appearing in media outlets around the world.

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