I-24 Arabic Corrects: Ahlam Tamimi Convicted (Not Accused) For Sbarro Bombing

CAMERA Arabic yesterday prompted correction of an i-24 Arabic report which erroneously stated that convicted murderer Ahlam Tamimi was merely “accused” of involvement in the deadly Sbarro bombing attack. Regarding the Interpol’s decision to drop the arrest warrant pending against Sbarro murderer Ahlam Tamimi, Israeli news channel i-24’s March 13 Arabic headline read: “Interpol drops arrest warrant against Jordanian woman Ahlam Tamimi, accused of the ‘Sbarro pizza’ restaurant bombing in Jerusalem.” (Emphasis added).

i-24’s headline before the correction

The accompanying article also described Tamimi as merely “accused of participation” in the August 2001 attack.

However, Tamimi is not just “accused” of participation in the Sbarro bombing; an Israeli court found her guilty of assisting the attack. Furthermore, she herself regularly boasts about her role in the attack, which killed 15 innocent civilians, including seven children and a pregnant woman. Another civilian victim remains in a coma to this day.

In response to communication from CAMERA Arabic, i24 news website, editors commendably corrected the article along with its headline. The amended headline now reads: “Interpol drops arrest warrant against Jordanian woman Ahlam Tamimi, convicted for the ‘Sbarro pizza’ restaurant bombing in Jerusalem.” (Emphasis added.)

In addition, the body now reads that “An Israeli court convicted her for involvement in carrying out” the bombing attack. Regrettably, the article still fails to note that Tamimi herself admitted to her heinous deeds on several occasions and takes great pride in them even today, almost 20 years later.

(All translations by CAMERA Arabic.)

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