Fareed Zakaria

CNN’s Anti-Israel Bias Surfaces Again

Fareed Zakaria hosted a “discussion” about the U.S. proclamation recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israeli territory. It took place on Zakaria's grandiosely named "Global Public Square" program.

Washington Post Corrects Another Fareed Zakaria Error

Fareed Zakaria blamed “Israel and the West” for postponing long overdue Palestinian elections. CAMERA obtained a correction to the Washington Post column, but the thinly spread media figure couldn't quite let it go at that …

Fareed Zakaria: Depending on the Moderation of Mullahs

Fareed ZakariaFareed Zakaria, the over-exposed pundit of CNN, TIME and The Washington Post, advises Israel and the United States that a nuclear-armed Iran can be tolerated and deterred. His argument, however, rests on bad history, false comparisons and unconvincing empathy.  

Fareed Zakaria Bashes Bibi but Undermines Himself

 CNN's global opinionator, Fareed Zakaria, threw everything he had -- superficial analogies, distorted facts and cliches -- at Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Neetanyahu. Melodrama, yes; analysis, no.

Fareed Zakaria Casts Hezbollah as a Model of Religious Tolerance

fareed zakariaBy uncritically relaying that Hezbollah respects Jews and is opposed only to Israel’s occupation, CNN's Fareed Zakaria dramatically misinformed viewers about Hezbollah, which has repeatedly made clear its opposition to Israel’s very existence and its contempt for Jews.

Navigational Error at “Fareed Zakaria GPS”

On his CNN show "Fareed Zakaria GPS," Zakaria takes a wrong turn, falsely claiming that Israel annexed the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Also, the Turkish foreign minister dispenses falsehoods about international law and the IHH.