Diana Buttu

MSNBC Platforms Notorious Liar Who Unsurprisingly Uses MSNBC to Lie

By bringing on someone with such a record of outlandish lies, and by refusing to either push back with the facts or bring on an opposing perspective that could have countered Diana Buttu’s falsehoods and calls to ethnically cleanse the land of Jews a second time, MSNBC once again shows contempt for credibility and accuracy.

Diana Buttu: Palestinian Rockets Don’t Explode!

Diana ButtuDespite video evidence, Diana Buttu claims Palestinian rockets fired into Israel don't explode! In reaction to such lies, respectable journalists should shun Buttu, and not act as accomplices in spreading her fabrications. 

Diana Buttu Is At It Again

Diana Buttu, the Canadian-raised Palestinian lawyer who became a propagandist for the Palestinian cause is at it again, spreading outright, risible lies. But this time, Fox's Greg Jarrett confronts her.