Fox News Falsely Alleges Photo Depicts ‘Confined’ Palestinian Children ‘Behind Bars’

In two separate broadcasts last week faulting cancel culture for an alleged political double standard, Fox News misidentified a 2010 photograph as depicting Palestinian children confined behind bars. In fact, the European Press Agency photograph in question was of Palestinian children lined up at a soup kitchen; not confined behind bars in an ICE-like detention center.

Addressing Disney’s firing of actress Gina Carano from the tv series “Manadalorian” in the wake of her Instagram post comparing the current political climate to Nazi Germany,  anchor David Asman erred On Friday’s (Feb. 12) Fox Business Network:

In fact, we just had one [comparison between President Trump and Nazi Germany] from one of her co-stars, a guy named Pedro Pascal who sent out a tweet for which he was not punished. She lost her job. Pedro Pascal wasn’t, in which he showed a photo saying you know essentially this is Nazi Germany and then showing America 2018. The problem with the picture of America, by the way, it was 2010, and those were Palestinian children behind bars. So they got that dead wrong. But no penalty for Pedro.


Similarly, Trace Gallagher stated in the Feb. 11 “Fox News @Night” broadcast:

But another Disney employee and Mandalorian cast member used the very same comparison two years ago and is still working. Pedro Pascal, a liberal, posted pictures of children confined by barbed wire in 1944 in Nazi Germany and children allegedly being confined in ICE detention centers in 2018. Except the picture on the bottom is not from the United States. It is reportedly Palestinian children in the West Bank.


As pointed out by this European Press Agency photograph, which was featured in 2010 in The Los Angeles Times, shows “Palestinian children wait to receive donated food at a soup kitchen.”

Indeed, other similar photos of children lined up at this particular soup kitchen are available in the Reuters photo archive. Fox’s false depiction of the photograph as showing Palestinian children confined behind bars fuels false reports of “Palestinian kids in cages.” As Fox’s Asman put it, “they got that dead wrong.”

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