Publicly Funded France 24 Arabic Promotes Unsubstantiated Anti-Israel Conspiracy

France24 Arabic Jerusalem correspondent Laila Odeh has a history of biased coverage of Israel and Israeli affairs. Among other issues, the journalist in the service of the French public broadcaster misleadingly referred to nonviolent Jews who visited Jerusalem’s Temple Mount / Noble Sanctuary as “settlers storming the al-Aqsa Mosque” and also labeled Israel’s internationally recognized territory “occupied” and “the 1948 territories.”

More recently, earlier this month she speculated about the investigation into the bullet which allegedly killed Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh:

Israeli officials have confirmed, both by a military statement and in the Israeli press, that the Israeli military or the Israelis took part in the process of inspecting the bullet which the PA handed over to the Americans; that the process of ballistic inspection was unable to determine the party responsible for Shireen Abu Akleh’s death; and even on the matter of the weapon from which the bullet was fired, it was not determined what was the weapon, which actually fired the bullet. That is to say, this could be a preliminary attempt to dissipate the affair and to avoid holding any of the parties liable, the Israeli side in particular.


Of course, the Shireen Abu Akleh affair today has taken a greater dimension, perhaps, within the attempt to wriggle Israel out of assuming responsibility [for its actions], but with overt American support this time. [Translation by CAMERA Arabic. Emphases added.]

There is zero evidence that an American-Israeli cover-up has ever taken place. Odeh’s injection of unsubstantiated speculations therefore amounts to unprofessional editorializing completely at odds with the journalistic standards incumbent upon the tax-funded French broadcaster.  

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