PBS Classroom Lessons on Arab-Israeli Conflict

PBS offers classroom lesson plans based on films it aired. Those about the Arab-Israeli conflict present a one-sided view of the conflict by ignoring its underlying fundamentals and adopting a Palestinian narrative that blames the Jewish state.

PBS at War with Netanyahu and Israel

NetanyahuNetanyahu at War has a fatal flaw: war requires at least two parties, and focusing only on Netanyahu, and not also on those making war against Israel, like Yasir Arafat, guaranteed both the failure of the Frontline documentary to document very much at all, and its success at deceiving viewers.

PBS’ Tavis Smiley Hosts Anti-Israel Propagandist Rula Jebreal

PBS' Tavis Smiley, supported largely by Walmart, hosted Rula Jebreal, billed as an "award-winning journalist" but coming across as a dishonest propagandist on his Nov. 9 show. Despite her outright falsehoods and propaganda, Smiley did nothing to correct the record.