PBS’ NewsHour Joins the Fundraising Campaign on Behalf of UNRWA

      While the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine is grappling with a serious funding shortfall, the controversial organization enjoys vast marketing and public relations resources, drawing on the support of sympathetic journalists. PBS' NewsHour is the latest media outlet to join the campaign.

      PBS’s Rick Steves Travelogues Trip Over Israel

      The Public Broadcasting Service, long a beacon to America’s opinion molders (teachers, writers, broadcasters etc.), gets it wrong again about Israel. This time it's PBS’ popular Steves’ travelogues involving the Jewish state.

      Yasmin Khan on PBS Newshour: Recipe For Falsehoods

      PBS depicts Yasmin Khan as committed to building connections, concealing the cookbook writer's past activity promoting an anti-Israel boycott meant to divide, not unite. Other falsehoods in the promotional interview include a question about a dish that Palestinians have eaten for "thousands of years."

      PBS NewsHour Propaganda Piece Attacks Israel with Bogus Exploding Bullets Charge

      PBS Newshour has once again grossly deceived its audience, with a propaganda piece that could have come directly from Hamas’ playbook. Coming more than a year after the start of the terror organization’s “Great March of Return,” the report twists those violent riots into an indictment of Israel’s military response.

      Wolf Caught In Palestinian Trap

      CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, along with his mainstream media colleagues, was caught in a Palestinian propaganda trap,

      PBS Documentary & Classroom Lessons on Arab-Israeli Conflict

      PBS offers classroom lesson plans based on films it aired. Those about the Arab-Israeli conflict present a one-sided view of the conflict by ignoring its underlying fundamentals and adopting a Palestinian narrative that blames the Jewish state.