Ethan Bronner

The New York Times-J Street Axis

Providing no information about the controversies surrounding J Street, bureau chief Ethan Bronner highlights the group's endorsement of Abbas's position that Israel should negotiate with a group sworn to its destruction while the US foots the bill.

New York Times Plays Blame Game on Negotiations Impasse

The Palestinian leadership insists it will not resume face-to-face negotiations until Israel complies with its preconditions, while their diplomats — with the help of some partisan writing in the New York Times news pages — cast Israel as responsible for the impasse.

Questions for The New York Times

The Times promotes radical groups and voices leveling distorted criticism at Israel, while continuing to omit genocidal rhetoric emanating from Arab and Muslim adversaries of the Jewish state. Will Arthur Brisbane, the new public editor, address the biases?

New York Times Hypes Nonstory on Nonprofits

Ethan BronnerPublishing a front-page story of almost 5000 words on contributions to US-based non-profits that focus on Israel, the New York Times sends a clear and false message to its readers: attention must be paid to the significant news we have uncovered.

NY Times Skews the News on Christian Decline in the Mideast

New York Times report on the Mideast's declining Christian population ignores key facts on  Palestinian and Israeli Christians. First, Israel's Christian population is growing. Second, Palestinian Christians are emigrating largely as a result of Muslim persecution.

Charges of IDF “Wanton Killing” Crumble

The brigade commander of the unit linked to alleged “wanton killings” in Gaza launched his own investigation after hearing of the charges. He spoke with actual eyewitnesses who said that the alleged killings did not take place.

Washington Post-Watch: Once More Through the Palestinian Filter

The contrast between the headlines of The Washington Post's November 15 dispatch, "As Israel-Hamas Clashes Continue, Gazans Face Crisis" and The New York Times' same-day report "Hamas Fires Rockets Into Israel" couldn't be clearer. The continuing pro-Palestinian bias at the Post also could not be clearer.