Ethan Bronner

Propaganda Fit to Print at the New York Times

The New York Times' Ethan Bronner trumpets claims by Peace Now despite the fact that Peace Now’s prior charges, about land ownership, were wildly off target. Can it be that inaccuracy is of little concern at the newspaper of record?

The New York Times’s Fulbright Campaign (Cont)

The New York Times continues a veritable campaign on behalf of Palestinian Fulbright winners living in Gaza, charging the United States has once again "reneged" on providing three of them visas. Omitted is key information about the students' affiliation with the Islamic University of Gaza, a Hamas stronghold.

The Silence of the New York Times

NY TimesThe New York Times' faulty news judgement has struck again – front page coverage of the seven Palestinian students in Gaza who were temporarily denied their Fulbright scholarships, but none of a major French court decision in the famed Muhammad al Dura case. The court decided in favor of a critic's right to charge the event was a "hoax."