Jim Maceda

NBC Politicizes Christopher Reeve Interview

In an otherwise moving piece, NBC Nightly News' August 3, 2003 broadcast inappropriately politicized actor Christopher Reeve's recent trip to Israel. Reeve, a quadriplegic, visited Israel to promote his cause — stem cell research. But NBC marred the report by inserting unrelated references to the Arab-Israeli conflict, always to Israel's detriment.

UPDATED: Journalists Veer Off ‘Road Map,’ Crash Into Cease-Fire

It seems that some members of the media are having a tough time differentiating the terms of the American brokered "road map" from Palestinian unilateral demands on Israel. Namely, while Palestinians have conditioned their cease-fire on the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons (among other demands), the "road map" plan, drawn up by the United States, European Union, Russia, and the United Nations, has nothing at all to say about Palestinian prisoners.