Mohammed Daraghmeh

An AP photo of a victim of PFLP's terror

AP, Times of Israel Amend Language on PFLP Terror Group

The news organizations initially described the PFLP as merely a "leftist political party that has an armed wing." CAMERA secured corrected language that acknowledges the Palestinian group's terrorism and terror designations.

Four Questions the AP Won’t Dare Ask Palestinians

For AP or other reporters to ask Palestinians about rejection of peace proposals would require them to act like real journalists, rather than pro-Palestinian activists. Any reporter who fails to ask such questions is either unaware of the basic facts, or is a propagandist. Either way it is inexcusable.

When PA Talking Points Become AP Talking Points

The inconsistencies in today's AP piece are all too consistent: Throughout, Israeli concerns are minimized as claims by "hard-liners," while Palestinian concerns are recited in the journalists voice. Facts supporting Israeli concerns are downplayed relative those preferred by Palestinian leaders.

The Associated Press Demonstrates Its Bias Against Israel

An Associated Press analysis piece alleged that Israeli air strikes on homes overwhelmingly victimized civilians. But the study's data sample and methodology were flawed and the authors ignored a study contradicting their allegations.

AP Clarifies Misinformation on Palestinian Whistleblower

The AP issues a clarification after reporting that Fahmi Shabaneh, the Palestinian whistleblower who exposed widespread corruption on the part of top Palestinian Authority officials, had been fired two years ago.

Associated Press Downplays Terror

The Associated Press once again downplays Palestinian terror. A March 18, 2004 ;article by Mohammed Daraghmeh not only equates Israeli demonstrators with Palestinian terrorists, but minimizes the activities of  those terrorists.

Media Downplay Hamas Responsibility for Terror

In covering the recent charges against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, several media outlets downplayed the relationship between Hamas and terrorism, saying only that it is "blamed for" or "accused of" attacks against Israel. This language is misleading in light of the fact that Hamas itself regularly takes credit for attacks.