Noga Tarnopolsky

CAMERA Prompts Los Angeles Times Correction on Jerusalem Embassies

CAMERA prompts correction of a Los Angeles Times article which wrongly stated that the U.S. Embassy to Israel has always existed in Tel Aviv "along with the rest of the world's diplomatic missions." In fact, 16 countries once had embassies in Jerusalem and a number currently maintain consulate-generals in the city.

Los Angeles Times Errs on International Law, Israeli Entry Law

In her Los Angeles Times article about a Strategic Affairs Ministry list of 20 pro-BDS organizations whose key activists will be denied entry into Israel, Noga Tarnopolsky errs regarding international and Israeli law, including the entry law in question.

Noga Tarnopolsky’s Awkward Journalism on Balfour Centennial

Eager to suggest British ambivalence about the Balfour Declaration, Tarnopolsky's "analysis" piece concealed Prime Minister Theresa May's openly expressed pride in the document and freely opined, on the news pages, about Benjamin Netanyahu's inner motivations.

The Los Angeles Times, Jordan, Israel and Selective Affronts

A Los Angeles Times news article yesterday about deteriorating Jordanian-Israeli relations exclusively blames Israeli decisions "widely seen as an affront to Jordan's King," and completely ignores Jordanian actions "widely seen as an affront" to many Israelis.