NPR’s Diane Rehm Plays Gaza Wild Card: Herself

When Israel is the topic, moderator Diane Rehm tends to tilt the guest list on her National Public Radio show in a pro-Arab direction. When that is not enough, she puts her own hand on the scale. Case in point: Her July 22 broadcast.  

Mondoweiss Welcomed Warmly on NPR

A July 11 NPR segment of On The Media with host Brooke Gladstone was one for the books. A program that supposedly examines media coverage of events was itself a platform for blatant media bias.

NPR Examination of Mideast Coverage Misleads

NPR's final report about its Middle East coverage states that in late 2013 Israeli voices outweighed Palestinian voices on the air. But CAMERA's own examination finds this is not so true.

NPR Host Obstructs Balanced Discussion on Iran

NPR's Tom Ashbrook hosted a discussion of the proposed interim deal with Iran over its nuclear program  but repeatedly interrupted the guest expert who opposed the deal.