Hanan Ashrawi

CAMERA Op-Ed: The Role of the Media in Promoting Antisemitism

Antisemitism is both increasing and increasingly mainstreamed. From the halls of Congress to the newsrooms of The Washington Post, our institutions are showing that they aren’t up to the task of confronting it. Indeed, as CAMERA has documented: they're part of the problem.

Touching A Nerve — Palestinian Origins

Speaker Gingrich's comments were a chance to explore contradictory statements by many Arab leaders and scholars, such as Philip Hitti, about Palestinian national identity, but the touchy topic was largely ducked by journalists.

CAMERA Op-Ed: CNN’s King Abdicates

A striking exchange among several guests on the October 15 edition of "Larry King Live" demonstrated the difference between a journalist who adds to viewers’ understanding of a dangerous world and King’s fawning avoidance of facts which may make his guests feel uncomfortable.