CAMERA Sends Open Letter to IVP in the U.S. and UK

CAMERA asks that IVP in both the U.S. and U.K. do a better job of fact-checking when publishing books about Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Holy Land. Books that IVP in the U.S. and the U.K. have published about the Holy Land have been marred by errors, omissions, and historical distortions that invariably portray Israel in an unfairly harsh light. Problems in Palestinian society that hinder the prospects of peace in the Holy Land are, for the most part, taboo subjects in IVP books.

UPI Corrects After Referring to “Palestine” As A Country

In response to communication from CAMERA, UPI promptly corrects an article which reported that wanted Palestinian Marwan Abusrour is believed to be residing in his "native countr[y,] "Palestine," referring to the Palestinian Authority.

New York Times Corrects on Alleged Israeli Violence Targeting Palestinians

CAMERA prompts correction after The New York Times misreported that the Israeli NGO Yesh Din found that of over 1200 investigations of violence allegedly perpetrated by Israelis against Palestinians, only 8 percent resulted in indictments. In fact, Yesh Din's investigation covered a wide variety of offenses, only 36 percent of which (less than 470 incidents) involved violence.

CAMERA Op-Ed: While Israel Burns, the Media Fiddles

For weeks while communities in Israel burned, many major U.S. news outlets kept silent. As CAMERA tells JNS, Gaza-based terror groups have been launching incendiary devices into southern Israel, resulting in major damage. Yet, mainstream Western media has failed to provide meaningful coverage.

In Face of Israel’s Normalization With Gulf States, Los Angeles Times Stuck on Autopilot

The more Israel and Gulf states advance in the historic process of normalization, the more The Los Angeles Times struggles to shoehorn the expanding ties into the narrow prism of old dogmas about Israeli-Palestinian relations. With Bahrain's readiness to recognize Israel, the Times is forced to retreat from earlier reporting that UAE stands alone.