Agence France-Presse (AFP)

On Refugees and Racism, a Double Standard Against Israel

Recent press attention has focused on the repatriation of illegal African migrants from Israel. Very little of it has explained the context and difficult challenges facing Israel as a result of large-scale illegal immigration, particularly by non-Jews. None has included mention of Israel's history of welcoming refugees from around the globe.

International Herald Tribune Falls for Unverified AFP Image

The IHT runs an AFP photograph of a Palestinian worker allegedly injured after an Israeli soldier ran a trailer over his legs. At best, there is zero independent confirmation that he was injured. At worst, the photo is staged.

AFP Rewrites Post-Ceasefire Violence

AFP ignores Palestinian rocket attacks launched Monday, falsely claiming that until Israel killed Islamic Jihad fighter Ismail al-Ismar Wednesday night, Palestinian groups respected the truce.

A Historical Perspective on the Itamar Killings

In the wake of a heinous terrorist attack in Itamar, a disturbing number of media reports focused on Israeli “settlements” as the primary problem afflicting the region.  Neglected were the historical parallels to grisly Arab terrorist attacks resulting from anti-Jewish incitement – all in the absence of settlements.

Editorializing the “Palestine Papers”

It was a victory for Guardian and al Jazeera spin when some ostensibly objective media organizations were swayed by the advocacy journalism associated with the publication of the so-called "Palestine Papers."

UPDATED: Clouds of Questions Around Bilin Death

There are many inconsistencies in the accounts of those who say they were on the scene at Bilin with Abu Rahma, as questions continue to swirl around the circumstances of her death.