Time to Enforce Balance at PBS, NPR

USA Today (online, March 4) published CAMERA's call, by Washington director Eric Rozenman, for public broadcasting to finally conduct mandatory objectivity and balance oversight of NPR and PBS.

On NPR, Israel is Accused With No Defense Allowed

On Jan. 20, NPR presented yet another report exemplifying its bias on the Arab Israeli conflict: A human interest story, devoid of essential facts and context, focused entirely on Palestinian grievances, with no Israeli voice, nor the reporter herself, providing a perspective, explanation or caveat on Israel's behalf.

Obsessing Over Israel, NPR Glosses Over Plight of African Migrants

NPR listeners, who are steeped in coverage critical of Israel's policy toward migrants, would be forgiven for knowing nothing of the startling number of African migrants raped, beaten and tortured by Egyptians. For NPR, this story is apparently not worth telling.

Juan Williams and NPR’s Taxpayer Funding

Juan WilliamsAfter NPR fired Juan Williams, its leader Vivian Schiller defended her network, in part, by claiming that it's a purely private organization that gets essentially "zero" taxpayer funding. This claim is blatantly false – NPR could not survive without taxpayer funding.

In Wake of Flotilla, NPR Coverage is Listing

NPR news analyst Daniel Schorr brands Israel's blockade of Hamas a "blockade of hate," while colleague Sheera Frankel ignores Erdogan's endorsement of Hamas. Tilted Gaza reports ignore Israeli offers to deliver flotilla aid, including concrete, and Hamas' refusal.

On the Lookout for Bias at NPR

Although NPR coverage of Israel is not as slanted as it once was, recent examples of bias, like the piece on illegal construction in East Jerusalem by Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, show that old habits die hard.

NPR Editor Jenkins Blames Israel for ME Deadlock

loren jenkinsIn a public meeting, NPR's Loren Jenkins, who previously linked Israel to Nazis, has faulted Israel alone for the Middle East impasse, charging it with using Gaza for "bombing target practice."

NPR Claims Jewish Gangs Harrassing Muslim Girls in Paris

Article Updated on March 22, 2009.
Did National Public Radio fabricate a story about Jewish gangs harrassing Muslim girls in an attempt to show that violence between Muslims and Jews in France is not all in one direction?  This appears to be the case.