Joseph Krauss

      Reuters, AP Paper Over Internal Palestinian Discord On Sheikh Jarrah

      At Reuters and AP, the Sheikh Jarrah players fill clearly delineated roles: The Palestinian families stand in a united front against Israel's usurping settlers. Internal Palestinian discord clashes with that tidy narrative and is erased from the selective frame.

      Associated Press: Advancing Partisanship in Israel Coverage

      The AP once again tramples over its lofty mission of providing "world-class journalism" in pursuit of “advancing the power of facts.” Instead of reporting any of the open source material tying the newly blacklisted Palestinian organizations to PFLP, Joseph Krauss pushes partisanship.

      AP Falsely Casts Israel As Responsible For Providing Palestinians With Vaccines

      "Palestinians are not taken seriously as agents of their own fate,” charged former AP correspondent Matti Friedman in his scathing 2014 critique of international coverage of Israel and the Palestinians. AP's article Thursday falsely casting Israel as responsible for the Palestinians' supply of coronavirus vaccines perfectly illustrates this old formulation.

      AP Fails to Substantiate Dubious Claim That Palestinian Laborers Earn $3 Per Hour

      The Associated Press has failed to either substantiate or retract the highly dubious claim that Palestinian laborers from the Jordan Valley village of Fasayil earn just $3 working on Israeli settlements. Data from the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics shows a very different picture: Palestinians working in the settlements and Israel earn more than double those working in the Palestinian private and public sectors.

      AP Misleads on Electricity for Gaza Strip

      The Associated Press today misleads, stating that most in the Gaza Strip "only have a few hours of electricity a day." In fact, according to United Nations data, every day this month Gazans had more than 12 hours of electricity.
      An AP photo of a victim of PFLP's terror

      AP, Times of Israel Amend Language on PFLP Terror Group

      The news organizations initially described the PFLP as merely a "leftist political party that has an armed wing." CAMERA secured corrected language that acknowledges the Palestinian group's terrorism and terror designations.