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Key Context Missing in Globe article about Saudi donor to Harvard and Georgetown

On December 13th, the Boston Globe reported that Saudi Arabian prince Alwaleed bin Talal is giving $20 million to Harvard University to establish a university-wide program in Islamic studies. He is also donating another $20 million gift to Georgetown University for a similar program. What the Globe failed to mention, however, is that the prince had previously pledged $27 million during a 2002 telethon for the Support of the al-Quds Intifada.

Ostracized on My Own Campus

A University of Toronto student discloses the intimidation she experienced during "Israeli Apartheid Week."

Microsoft’s Encarta Muddles the Middle East

Distortions about the Middle East dispensed by the mass media can mislead news consumers of all ages, but especially worrisome is misinformation purveyed in reference works. Microsoft's popular Encarta Encyclopedia, available on the Internet and in expanded form on CD, is a troubling mix of solid information, bias and error.

Big Lie on Campus

Jewish students on American campuses today enjoy a unique and unenviable distinction–they are members of the only group targeted by high-profile hate-mongers, including Khalid Muhammed, Tony Martin, Louis Farrakhan, Israel Shahak, Noam Chomsky, Ralph Schoenman and innumerable other lesser-known figures.