Wolf Caught In Palestinian Trap

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, along with his mainstream media colleagues, was caught in a Palestinian propaganda trap,

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Presents Hamas Propaganda as Fact

On Gaza "March of Return" casualties, MSNBC's Chris Hayes discards any semblance of journalistic professionalism and embraces Hamas propaganda. He cites Hamas claims as fact, despite the terror group's history of manipulations.

Top Ten MidEast Media Mangles for 2015

This year, the media have blundered all too many times in reporting on the Middle East. There were, unfortunately, countless potential "winners," but after careful consideration, CAMERA has identified the media's ten biggest bungles.

MSNBC, NBC Ignore Hamas’ Human Shields

NBC and MSNBC miss the reason for the "rather lopsided conflict." The Israeli government invests in protecting its civilians and also tries to warn Gaza's civilians away from danger. Hamas, in contrast, serves up its civilians as human shields.