Orlando Sentinel

Hassan Rouhani – The Extremists’ ‘Moderate’

Early news reporting about Iranian president-elect Hassan Rouhani tossed around "moderate," "pragmatist" and "centrist." It was left too often to opinion writers and think tank analysts to supply journalistic details.

Sun Sentinel Columnist Gets Facts Wrong

Pierre Tristam gets a number of facts wrong in an op-ed published in Florida's Sun Sentinel. He falsely claims Gazans can't fish in the Mediterranean (they can) and that they cannot trade with the outside world. They do.

CAMERA Letter Published in Orlando Sentinel

The following CAMERA letter-to-the-editor published today in the Orlando Sentinel refutes Ray Hanania's claim that Israel had a hand in the founding of the Hamas terrorist organization.

Caricature or Bigotry?

The Chicago Tribune and other newspapers conceded a Dick Locher cartoon came close to anti-Semitism.

Charley Reese Misrepresents Danger to Christian Arabs

Orlando Sentinel columnist Charley Reese, whose voluminous anti-Israel portfolio includes frequent severe distortions of fact, is at it again. In his column entitled "Racism, Bigotry Bad for All" he grossly misrepresents the current dangerous situation facing Christian Arabs in the Palestinian areas...

Charley Reese’s Syndicated Propaganda

The opinion pages of more than 85 national newspapers have been fertile ground for syndicated columnist Charley Reese's decade-old war of words against Israel. Ironically, Reese was once a defender of Israel, faulting politicians and the mass media for precisely the same reporting transgressions he now commitssubstituting myths for fact and espousing baseless propaganda.

Reese’s Pieces

According to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, editorials, analytical articles and commentary should be held to the same standards of accuracy as news reports - unfortunately for his readers, syndicated columnist Charley Reese doesn't subscribe to ASNE standards, nor apparently do his editors.