Washington Jewish Week


J Street Echoes Iran’s Best Friend in Washington

J Street joined the pro-Tehran National Iranian American Council in cheering Congress' support of the Iran nuclear deal. CAMERA's Washington Jewish Week Op-Ed highlights the groups' connections.

Breaking the Silence — And Filling It with Propaganda

The “best drama” in 2015's Washington, D.C. Capital Fringe Festival's theater productions was It's What We Do, billed as “A Play about the Occupation.” Except the play's not a drama, it's anti-Israel agit-prop.

J Street’s Unreported Pro-BDS Partner — ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’

J Street objected to a provision in U.S. trade legislation barring compliance with an anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sactions (BDS) effort. Washington Jewish Week coverage failed to mentioned J Street's de facto ally—the anti-Zionist “Jewish Voice for Peace.” Here's the scoop:

Saeb Erekat — Highly Visible, Highly Unreliable

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat is a news media favorite. CAMERA's Washington Jewish Week Op-Ed caught Al-Jazeera America letting Erekat do what he does chronically—fabricate.

Liberating Theater J from Diva Ari Roth

Defenders of ousted Theater J artistic director Ari Roth portray him as a martyr to artistic freedom. Doing so excuses theatrical anti-Israel agit-prop. On-stage fiction, yes; defamation no.

J Street’s Spin Reversed by CAMERA Op-Ed

J Street's "pro-Israel, pro-peace" slogan, often accepted without scrutiny by the Jewish and general press, got a closer look in a CAMERA's Washington Jewish Week Op-Ed, 'J Street without spin.' Slogan, or Silly Putty?