Dexter Van Zile

Mae Cannon’s Distorted Ethic of Care

Mae Cannon, a well-known propagandist who used her position at World Vision as a base to de-legitimize the Jewish state, is now using her position at Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) to do the same thing.

Media Ignores Poll Highlighting Abbas’ Lack of Legitimacy

Two-thirds of the Palestinians interviewed in a recent poll want Mahmoud Abbas to step down as President of the Palestinian Authority. The poll, which highlights problems in Palestinian society that hinder peace, has been ignored by most media outlets.

Time for An Update

Will Catholic intellectuals such as Fr. David Neuhaus, S.J. (left) live up to the demands of Nostra Aetate in the 21st Century?

Mae Cannon Brings Her Mischief to CMEP

Mae Cannon, the newly appointed executive director of Churches for Middle East Peace, is unable or unwilling to address some of the more intractable obstacles to peace between Arab and Jew in the Holy Land.

Five Things You Need to Know About World Council of Churches

The World Council of Churches has been a major player in the ongoing effort to delegitimize Israel. For example, at UN "antiracism" conference in Durban held in 2001, it helped stifle discussion of anti-Semitism and then bragged about it afterwards.

Three Lessons World Vision Needs to Learn

World Vision, a Christian charity that promotes child welfare throughout the world need to learn some important lessons from the controversy surrounding the arrest of its employee in the Gaza Strip earlier this year.