Al-Jazeera America

CAMERA Op-Ed: 1989 and the Rise of Hamas

It is common for anti-Israel academics and media commentators to claim that Israel "created" Hamas. Yet, as CAMERA highlighted in a Jerusalem Post op-ed, the terror group's origins predate the reestablishment of Israel. And the rise of Hamas is far more complex.

Al Jazeera America Failed, But Qatar Still Has AJ+

With AJ+, Al Jazeera puts up a façade of liberalism. The image is belied by an AJ+ producer's terror-apologia, a contributor dubbed by German officials as an anti-Semite, and its inaccurate anti-Israel propaganda.

Al Jazeera Uses Classic Canard to Promote Jihad Against Jews

CAMERA has criticized some in the media for abandoning their journalistic duty to highlight the Palestinian canards employed to incite violence, but now AJ+, has taken it a step further by actively creating content to promote the false Temple Mount propaganda that incites anti-Jewish violence.

Saeb Erekat — Highly Visible, Highly Unreliable

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat is a news media favorite. CAMERA's Washington Jewish Week Op-Ed caught Al-Jazeera America letting Erekat do what he does chronically—fabricate.

Al-Jazeera America’s Fraudulent USS Liberty Documentary

Al-Jazeera America TV network, whose owner/operator is the anti-Israel government of Qatar, has aired numerous broadcasts of an hour-long propaganda-laden “documentary” falsely charging that America and Israel have covered up the facts behind the fog of war attack on USS Liberty.