Al-Jazeera America

AJAM and HRW’s Roth Team up to Accuse Israel in Gaza Conflict

Al-Jazeera America (AJAM) TV network teamed in August with Human Rights Watch's Executive Director Kenneth Roth to vilify Israel while barely tarnishing the Hamas terrorist rulers of Gaza Strip. This is consistent with the antagonism of both AJAM and HRW toward Israel.

Al-Jazeera America TV News Aims Against Israel

Twisted coverage of Israel is consistent with the network's indirect connection through its owner to the creation of the Palestinian Hamas terrorist entity sworn to Israel's destruction. The CEO, aiming at the opinion makers, admits to unconcern about profits and viewer ratings.

Al-Jazeera America Not ToBe Trusted For Israel News

Al-Jazeera America implied wrongly that an Israeli product (SodaStream) ad was (temporarily) cancelled from Fox Television's Super Bowl broadcast because the manufacturer operates a plant in the West Bank.

Journalism Professor Says Al-Jazeera America Shows its Bias

Stephen Harper, a Temple Univ. journalism professor, says Qatar's rulers funded Al-Jazeera America to get a seat at the political table. Judging by recent anti-Israel segments, perhaps also to undermine a particular U.S. ally.