CNN Omits Context & Distorts the Facts on Recent Violence in Israel

CNN’s obsessive and slanted reporting continues to leave its audience without important information necessary to understand events. Notably, the omissions all work to downplay and omit the terrorism and violence being waged against Israel, instead highlighting only the decontextualized responses of the Israeli Defense Forces.

CNN’s Curious Coverage of the “Middle East” in July

Of the 40 articles featured on CNN's "Middle East" section in July, 27 focused on Israel. Just five focused on Iran, and only two on Iraq. Put another way, CNN wrote more articles (15) just on Israel’s judicial reform debates than it did on the rest of the region combined (13).

CNN Tells Only Part of the Story on Palestinian Attitudes

CNN has a shaky relationship with polling data. Previously, Christiane Amanpour appears to have fabricated polling results. On July 14, however, CNN’s Abeer Salman took a slightly different track by using existing polling data, but only some of it.

Debunking the Media Narrative on West Bank Violence

According to many recent flawed news accounts, the “flare-up” in violence began only with the introduction of a new Israeli government and has been driven by extremist Israelis. The data, however, disagrees. Not only did the “flare-up” begin long before the current government took power in November 2022, but it has been overwhelmingly driven by Palestinian attacks.

CNN Blunders on Neve Yaakov

CNN’s attempt at providing background on Neve Yaakov packs an impressive amount of historical and legal nonsense into a single sentence.