Washington Post Corrects Another Fareed Zakaria Error

Fareed Zakaria blamed “Israel and the West” for postponing long overdue Palestinian elections. CAMERA obtained a correction to the Washington Post column, but the thinly spread media figure couldn't quite let it go at that …

Fool Me Twice: CNN Falls for False Casualty Numbers

When Nabil Shaath tells Wolf Blitzer that 700 women, children and elderly civilians have been killed in Gaza. CNN's failure to fact-check this egregious falsehood means the network's viewers are misinformed.

CNN Corrects: Criticism of Israel from UN, not US, Official

CAMERA staff prompts a CNN correction of a broadcast which erroneously stated that an American human rights official criticized Israel for alleged crimes against humanity. In fact, the official in question was from the United Nations.

CNN’s Michael Holmes Praises UNRWA Man’s Gaza Lies

UNRWA spokesman Adnan Abu Hasna blatantly lies about conditions in Gaza -- claiming there is no water or electricity, and that no one may leave -- and CNN's Michael Holmes praises him: "you raise incredibly important points."

Munayyer Tries to Hijack CNN Interview on Gaza

Yousef Munayyer, executive director of the Jerusalem Fund, tried to evade not only CNN interviewer Kate Boulduan but also the facts about Israel-Hamas fighting in the Gaza Strip. For him, being a Palestinian mouthpiece apparently means misrepresenting reality whenever possible.