UNRWA’s Omissions Distort Coverage of Jabaliya Tragedy

UNRWA officials, John Ging (left) and Chris Gunness helped perpetuate the false story that Israel had shelled the Fakhoury UNRWA school in Gaza. Ging admits he knew none of the dead were on the school grounds.

Johann Hari’s Tirade Against Israel

British columnist Johann Hari's writings on Israel reflect a worrisome trend of fabricating facts and misrepresenting the words of Israel's founders in order to demonize the Jewish state.

Johann Hari’s Mud-Slinging

The Independent's Johann Hari blames allegedly untreated sewage from Jewish settlements for a "stinking brown-and yellow-river of waste" on Palestinian land, when in fact it is Palestinian sewage which is dumped completely untreated.

A Promising Career at the Independent

Johann Hari, an up-and-coming writer known for his praise of  Hugo Chavez, has become a regular contributor to London's Independent. An ideological soulmate of Robert Fisk's, Hari merges anti-Zionist rhetoric with anti-Jewish themes.

Questioning the Number of Civilian Casualties in Lebanon

The perception that Israel's response to Hezbollah attacks was disproportionate, and that indiscriminate force was aimed at the Lebanese population, was largely a result of media reports on the casualty breakdown in Lebanon. But there is plenty of reason to doubt often repeated claims that almost all Lebanese casualties were civilians.

Fisk Warps the Facts

An excerpt from Robert Fisk's book, published on the Independent online edition, provides example after example of why the British journalist's work is seen as "warped" and uninformed.

Cartoon Double Standard at the Independent

Contrast comments from The Independent criticizing the publication of cartoons depicting Mohammed that are deemed offensive to Islam with the newspaper's defense of a cartoon it published showing Ariel Sharon eating a Palestinian child.

Journalists Fall Prey to Palestinian Booby-Traps

In the labyrinth of concrete homes and competing claims that mark Israel's operation in Gaza, the Los Angeles Times' Ken Ellingwood loses his way, straying from the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics in reporting a Palestinian claim as fact. He is joined in this by the Guardian's Chris McGreal on NPR.