Presbyterian Church (USA)

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Presbyterian Leader Targets American Jews

In a video published in June, 2021, J. Herbert Nelson, II, the highest ranking elected official in the Presbyterian Church USA declared that his fellow Christians need to start looking at Jewish individuals in the United States who are supporting "evil" Israeli policies, which he characterized as “20th century slavery” and “some of the worst atrocities the world has ever seen.”

The Presbyterian Church’s Enduring False Witness

The Presbyterian Church USA has been a persistent source of anti-Israel propaganda, much of it produced by the Israel Palestine Mission Network of the PCUSA, an organization created by the denomination's 2004 General Assembly.

Yet More Lies from Presbyterian Peacemakers

For the past few years, the Presbyterian Church USA has sold a dishonest booklet produced by the Israel Palestine Mission Network. Will the church's leaders act?

Presbyterian Peace Activists Bet on Iranian Good Will

The International Atomic Energy Agency is worried Iran's nuclear program and has stated the country has not cooperated with inspection efforts. Presbyterian "peace" activists have another message: Don't worry, be happy, and negotiate.

Fake Mandela Quote Gets Past Eight PC(USA) Forums

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) is considering an anti-Israel resolution that includes a quote falsely attributed to Nelson Mandela. The fake quote got passed five Presbyteries and three PC(USA) committees.