Karen Bekker

Ahistorical Fiction Passing for Fact at TIME

The director of the film "Farha" has made clear the story is a work of fiction. She even invented the title character's name. So why does TIME call it a “true story”?

Wall Street Journal Downplays Palestinian Rejectionism

An online headline in yesterday’s Journal, “As Israel’s Left Suffers Defeat, So Does Two-State Solution,” ignored the many times Palestinian leadership rejected independence, inverting cause and effect.

Roger Waters and the Gish Gallup

Waters claims that he’s “absolutely not” antisemitic, yet he uses euphemistic language to argue against the existence of one tiny state in which Jews control their own destiny and can find refuge from persecution.

Glamour Runs Cover for Bella Hadid

The Conde Nast publication does not seem to have bothered to find out from any of the businesses or friends who dissociated themselves from Hadid what, specifically, they found so objectionable