Lee Golan

Reporters without Borders, Committee to Protect Journalists Undermine Free Press

Reporters without Borders claims to promote freedom of the press and of information. The Committee to Protect Journalists says it speaks for endangered news media representatives. But refusal to distinguish between press and propagandist, especially when it comes to Israel, undermines their credibility.

Journalism Professor Says Al-Jazeera America Shows its Bias

Stephen Harper, a Temple Univ. journalism professor, says Qatar's rulers funded Al-Jazeera America to get a seat at the political table. Judging by recent anti-Israel segments, perhaps also to undermine a particular U.S. ally.

Now Showing at the Newseum: “Feckless Attraction”

The Washington Post's Walter Pincus clambered back on his anti-Israel hobby horse, implying Israel's presumptive nuclear arms program deserved the same treatment as Iran's. False analogies and superficial reasoning -- hallmarks of Pincus' approach to U.S.-Israel relations -- invalidate the commentary.