Masha Gabriel

Ukraine and Israel—How to Compare the Incomparable

When Israel’s extremist critics start arguing by analogy, you can be pretty sure it’s because they don’t have any facts, evidence or logic to support their position. Their use of the Ukrainian crisis to castigate Israel is a case in point.

Why Spanish People Get It Wrong

El País, the largest and most influential newspaper in the Spanish world, has a long history of biased reporting about the Jewish state and the Arab-Israeli conflict.  For several years since 2009, the newspaper's coverage was somewhat more balanced and objective.  But it seems, over the past year, to be drifting back to its previous anti-Israel reporting and its opinion pages have become a forum for anti-Israel activists.

CAMERA Op-Ed in El Mundo: Hamas, An Ethical Dilemma

A CAMERA Op-Ed by Masha Gabriel setting the record straight about distorted journalism regarding the Hamas-Israel confrontations was published in El Mundo, one of the two primary Spanish-language newspapers in the world.