Yishai Goldflam

Akiva Eldar, Who Is Lying?

Ha'aretz journalist Akiva Eldar uses falsehoods and deceptions, distorting both Israeli and Palestinian negotiating positions, to accuse Prime Minister Netanyahu of lying in his speech before the United Nations.

UPDATED: B’Tselem Photographer Stages Scene

On Ynet, a staged scene filmed by a B'Tselem photographer stands in for actual reporting. Elior Levi reports without question that the mother of an arrested boy was denied permission to accompany him while the footage proves the opposite.

Ha’aretz Gets Little Right on ‘Little Kotel’

Ha'aretz's leading headline in the weekend paper claims that the "Little Kotel" is opened to Jewish prayer, "upsetting status quo." In actuality, the site has always been used for Jewish prayer. The only change involved the removal of scaffolding which impeded access for Arab residents.

Silwan Distortions in the Israeli Press

Israeli newspapers and online news sites were kept busy this past Friday (Oct. 8, 2010) discussing an incident where two rock-throwing Palestinian youths were stuck by a car driven by David Be'eri (Davida'leh), the chairman of the Elad association. Some Israeli media outlets were so eager to demonize the Elad leader and indeed Elad in general that they forgot to practice good journalism.

How to Distort the News, In Hebrew

Israeli media outlets Ha'aretz and Ynet falsely claim that a letter from Im Tirtzu, an Israeli activist organization, demanded the firing of Ben-Gurion University professors. Ha'aretz also attributes an invented quote to a railway survey.