France 24

Who Was Assassinated Revolutionary Guard Figure Sayyad Khodai?

According to Iran, Sayyad Khodai was the heroic champion of Shiite sites threatened by Al Qaeda terrorists. According to Israeli press reports, Khodai was the mastermind behind plots to assassinate Israeli civilians. International media report the former and ignore the latter.

Tall Tale: Gaza Source Powers Media Falsehood About Mountain of Batteries

History shows it doesn't take much for Gaza sources to override the essential journalistic dose of skepticism. After gargantuan flour consumption and Israeli-induced flooding, the latest tall tale hits the MRI machine-bereft territory: soaring mountains of spent batteries as high as the Arc de Triomphe.

In Arabic, France 24’s Jerusalem Coverage Is Abysmal

Correspondent Layla Odeh falsely charges that "settlers" entered the Al-Aqsa mosque, miscasts a peaceful Jewish visit to the Temple Mount as violent, and ignores the violent stone-throwing on the part of Muslims.