Television’s Homeland Melodrama Demonizes Israelis

      Showtime premium cable network vilified West Bank Jewish residents in a recent broadcast to tens of millions of viewers of its popular fictional Homeland melodrama series. Mandy Patinkin is a co-star/co-producer of the program.

      Anti-Israel Opera to Be Viewed Live by Hundreds of Thousands

      “Mr. Gelb, … it was with dismay and disappoint-ment that I learned that the Met had scheduled its first-ever performances of John Adams’s 'The Death of Klinghoffer.' Mediocre music … a tendentious story line and an inflammatory libretto that falsely maligns Israel and the Jewish people.” (From CAMERA’s open letter to Met Opera general manager).

      Biblically Based Classic Opera Twisted to Vilify Jewish Nation

      Rossini’s opera Moses in Egypt, based on the biblical narrative, is the most recent of several opera productions in Europe confiscated to vilify Jews and the Jewish state. Moses appears as a bin Laden-look-alike terrorist leader toting an assault rifle.

      Al-Jazeera English Airs ‘Nakba’ Myth

      In May-June 2013, the Qatar-based Arabic satellite television channel aired its 'Nakba' (catastrophe) film depicting a one-sided version of Israel's struggle for independence.