Gilead Ini

CAMERA Op-Ed: “In Pursuit of Fake News”

A Washington Post analysis insisted that the New York Times is accurate, asking, "If the New York Times is so inaccurate, where are all of its corrections?" Good question. Where are its corrections?

The Gray Lady Doth Protest Too Much

A New York Times ad campaign promises to give readers "truth" and "fact-based" journalism. The record shows something else entirely.

At the New York Times, Special Words Reserved for Certain Territories

CAMERA's essay in the January issue of The Tower Magazine discusses the express refusal by New York Times editors to refer to "disputed land" in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, looks at how other disputes are described, and explores what the double standard means.

UNESCO Chief Weighs In On Temple Mount Resolution But Gets Facts Wrong

In pushing back against the UNESCO resolution casting the Temple Mount as an exclusively Muslim site, UNESCO's secretary general herself downplayed the Jewish connection to the sacred hilltop. CAMERA has repeatedly held journalists accountable for the same mistake.